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Hi Bob,

I just passed my Series 65 exam thanks to your materials. I read the book cover to cover (a few times) and took all of the practice exams. I appreciate your humor and clarity of topics such as bond prices. All of the practice questions were useful, except when they weren't :-)

I was making 75 - 80% on the practice exams and earned an 88% on the actual exam.

Scott Grissom, Financial Advisor
Advanced Asset Management, LLC


I passed the 65! I got an 82. I could not have done it without your material. I went in confident. I felt like I really understood the material. The way you taught helped me to understand it rather than just memorize it. I was a little surprised how little information required memorization rather than just simply understanding.

I recommend "Pass the 65" to anyone who talks to me about the 65. I just referred another guy to you yesterday for the DVD's.

Thanks for making the right material that helped make my studying pay off.

Like you say on the website, now I can move on with my life.

Thanks again,
Paul Anderson

Hey Bob,

Just wanted to let you know that I passed my series 65 today. Thank you for all your help. Your webinars were a great help! You were a great help. Thanks

Rosanna G.

Just wanted to say thanks for the great DVD, audio, and test questions. I just ordered your products about a month ago and took the test on the 1st of July...passed. I will say your practice questions were a lot harder than the test but don't tell anyone it was a nice surprise when sitting there taking it. Well done , keep it up and I will be recommending these to everyone I know.


Jeff N.
Naples FL

Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!! I passed the Series 65 today!!! Yippee!!!!

Leaving on a short-term mission trip tomorrow with my 13 yr old I can focus on the MORE important things in life!

Your material was great! I loved the kept me awake!

Robert Rea, CRFA

The results are in, and it's an 82. The first 20-30 questions were a breeze, and then I started getting the fun stuff. A number of questions covered information I don't remember reading, but I relied on the Walker Strategy (and, yes, you can use that term), and strategized. I tried to give you a call this morning to thank you personally, but you weren't available. Anyways, I contribute my passing grade to your materials and support as well as your swift email responses to my many delusional questions. I probably studied at least 60 hours—which is more than they say you need to—but the securities world was new to me, and I hate to fail. Well, I am off to another bigger challenge, the CFP. I start the first week of July, and I sure hope those people have similar teaching and explanatory skills. If you prefer, I can fax you a copy of my scores if you keep those for any reason. I had my 28th birthday yesterday, and all I wanted was to pass the 65. Thanks again for everything and for running a top-notch company.

Ian S.

Mr. Walker,

When I took the 65 for the first time I failed using other materials. Then, I ordered the Pass the 65 book and CD's from the website and listened to the free conference calls every week. When I took it again I passed with a 75 with an hour left to go! What a difference your material made! Thank you so much for all the help.

Renee Holcomb
Hattiesburg, Mississippi

Passing the Series 65 Exam

Pass the Test, Inc offers comprehensive study materials to help anyone prepare for the Series 65 exam. To better prepare those looking to sit for the Series 65 exam, we offer DVDs, textbooks, practice exams, audio CDs, and on-demand classes, depending on what best suits your needs. We also offer the affordable Full Package, which includes the textbook, DVD set, and ExamCram online test prep, to prepare you as completely and efficiently as possible.

The Series 65 exam has long enjoyed the reputation of being one of the most difficult exams to take... and pass. We make studying and preparing for the exam easy by offering study materials that you can begin using immediately, and according to your own schedule. Our study material is easy to use and easy to understand. We try to make sense out of the information that you will be tested on, so that you can be as prepared as possible on the big exam day.

Our exam questions are challenging, oftentimes more challenging than the actual exam questions, and mimic the format of the actual exam as closely as possible. Take a look at our products to see what will work best for you or e-mail us at with any questions.

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